My name is John Mark Giamberdino. I have been an athlete since I was young. Throughout all my years at school, I played everything from basketball to volleyball, except lacrosse. There was just something about the thrill and challenge of competition that pulled me into sport, and wouldn’t let me go. During that time I also came to realize that I love to teach. I coached and taught bible studies in the later years of high school and continued to do so through out my collegiate career. The opportunity to break down a piece of information into understandable and learnable fragments became a passion for me. So when I went to school I decided to marry both of my loves and passions.

John Mark

I began studying Physical education at ECC. I finished at ECC and transferred into Canisius College as a junior and decided to add Health education to my studies. I graduated receiving my bachelor degree in the science of physical education and health. I have finished all of the requirements to be a certified teacher in New York state. The reason that I find teaching so enthralling is that moment when a person suddenly makes a connection with the material I have presented to them and they are able to progress closer to their goals because of the fresh understanding of their goals. To know that I had a part to play in that person’s journey to attaining their goal is what drives me.


Personal training is no different. To see a person achieving their fitness goals is one of the most fulfilling things I think a person can experience. So let’s get started, shall we?!